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Finland, Land and Resources

Kemijoki, Muonio, Saimaa, average heights, Tornio

Finland is a country of some 60,000 lakes, the largest of which are Saimaa, Inarijarvi, and Paijanne. Projecting southwest into the Baltic Sea is the Ahvenanmaa archipelago (Aland Islands), which consists of some 6,500 islands. Among the principal rivers are the Tornealven (Tornio), Muonio, Kemijoki, and Oulu. Only the Oulu is navigable by large craft. The country consists mostly of tableland, with average heights of about 120 to 180 m (about 400 to 600 ft) above sea level. The terrain is generally level; hilly areas are more prominent in the north, and mountains are found in the extreme northwest. Haltiatunturi (1,328 m/4,357 ft) in the northwest near the Norwegian border is the highest point. The northernmost part of Finland, which lies above the Arctic Circle, is known as Saamiland.

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