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Countries Quest

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Web site presents a list of of articles about different countries organized by continent. Learn about the resources, people, arts, economy, government, and history of each.

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This web site also presents a brief facts book about largest areas of the world. Referred as continents, normally.

So, a continent (there are 6 total) is one of several largest landmasses of this planet.

Above are links to 10 areas of the web site (splitting Euroasia into two, cutting Middle East away from Africa and Asia, cutting Central America away from North America, and giving Arctic as a separate one region).

So, continents are usually identified by convention criterias, not so strict way.

Classic continents are Asia (largest), Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia (smallest).

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(not a continent, however, is a part of the world) - Arctic -

- Antarctica -

- Africa -

- Australia -

(is Euroasia continent) - Europe -

(is Euroasia, as well) - Asia -

(is a just a gopolitical region, itself split between Asia and Africa) - Middle East -

- North America -

(is a part of North America, geographically, but stands out geopoliticaly) - Central America -

- South America -

Image by Alex Covarrubias. Released into the public domain by its author, AlexCovarrubias at Wikipedia.


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